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ABB Switches & Sockets

ABB Switches & Sockets

KMH Automation is the most trusted retailer of ABB Switches & Sockets in  Pakistan. Quality and Design of ABB switches & sockets is the trade mark of ABB.

ABB’s switches are designed for flexibility and reliable performance in a wide variety of applications: power distribution for residential and industrial buildings.

KMH Automation provides two series of ABB switches and sockets which are ELOS Series and Chiara Series.

ABB ELos Series

  • Comes in ELOs Smart & ELOs Soft
  • Perfect combination of design & functionlty
  • Vertical mark are recognizable to touch
  • Soft glow of blue LEDs in dark or dim light

ABB Chiara Series

  • As name implies, means light and purity
  • Elegance of the white switches and devices
  • Chiara expresses best of Italian creativity
  • Residential and commercial solutions

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